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“This a melody for all the fuckin’ lovers, this is a remedy for all that’s undercover, it’s serenity when we’re under the covers.” First three lines. Boom. No cap.”

“After amassing 20,000 monthly listeners and 50,000 plays in the first two weeks of release, Maxwell Aden new single, “Heartbeat” is beginning to blow up. There’s not a lot out about Maxwell Aden, other than the fact Heartbeat may be one of the hottest songs released this past summer. But after speaking with the kid, we learned some inspiring details…”



“So this is what modern pop perfection sounds like from an American. Each sound is subtly layered to pop radio perfection and better than the one before it. By the time you get to the closing bar – you’ve already hit replay and just kick back and enjoy what could be among the best underground pop tracks of the year from the USA. So which track am I talking about? Well, its “Heartbeat”, by Atlanta, GA based artist Maxwell Aden…”